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Ministry of the Week

Oct. 20 - 26, 2014  
Timothy’s Ministry

An outreach ministry that is an "US" and not a "THEM" because of God's love for us. Our Mission is to serve the poor, the homeless, and the broken-hearted through God's grace and love, and we pray that all will experience the blessing of feeling like everyone else because we are all equal before God. Everyone who gathers together at our luncheon will experience love, hope, and joy that is possible through Jesus. We will be one in God's family as people from every walk of life and faith background are encouraged and loved through the power of God.

Ministry of the Week is a weekly program hosted by Jon Hemmer on 90.1 FM Moody Radio. This feature shares the stories of local ministries, pastors and worship leaders that are making a positive impact in their community.

Learn how you can become involved and make a difference with the homeless,the hungry, the widowed, the abused, the neglected while serving and sharing the gospel.

For information on the past ministries, visit our Ministry of the Week archive.
To suggest a Christian ministry or organization please click here.

For consideration the organization should:

  • be a recognized 501c3 non profit Christian Ministry (preferred but not required). 
  • have a statement of faith or charter displayed on the ministry's website. 
  • must be operating for a minimum of 1 year (365 days) prior to being submitted/nominated.
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