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Ministry of the Week

July 28 - August 3, 2014  

Andean Aid

Andean Aid provides a biblically-based approach for child development, through the local, indigenous church, to address intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs of at-risk children. Violence, poverty, guerrilla and paramilitary warfare, narcotics trafficking and cult activity are pervasive in their childhood.

About Ministry of the Week 
Have you heard of a ministry that is doing amazing work and want to help spread the gospel? That’s why host Jon Hemmer from Moody Radio gives you Ministry of the Week. He helps to tell the story that these ministries do to help all sorts of different people and walks of life. Hear the astounding stories of how they are assisting the homeless,the hungry, the widowed, the abused, the neglected. There are ministries in Chicagoland reaching out to people everyday…but could they be reaching further?

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Eligibility requirements for consideration:

  • The organization must be a non for profit 501 c3 Christian Ministry. 
  • The organization must have a statement of faith. This statement of faith must be prominently displayed on the ministry's website. 
  • The organization must be operating for a minimum of 2 years prior to being submitted/nominated.